Personalised coaching, event training plans, nutrition support, strength training, massage and recovery analysis.We take a background in sport science and apply it holistically to improve your cycling performance and also your general health whilst training, preparing and recovering.



Personalised coaching, monthly & event training plans, diet analysis and strength analysis.

A fully personalised approach to coaching. As sports physiologists we don't just look at making you stronger and fitter, we look at how we can improve your overall performance and health in every area of your life.

We offer a range of tailored programs and sessions (some available online} including monthly training programs, 1-2-1 coaching, diet and nutrition analysis, weight loss coaching, functional movement analysis, strength and conditioning and goal setting.

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Mobile Sports Massage and Event Support

Regular massage treatments can enhance your performance, reduce the risk of injury, speed up recovery and allow you to maintain intensive training.

Pip Jenkins (MRSPH, BSc Hons} is an experienced exercise physiologist and sports massage therapist. Through here we offer a mobile sports massage service covering the Tunbridge Wells and Wealden area and also availble for events anywhere in the world by reservation.

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Fueling Performance, Raceday Nutrition, Weight Loss and Improved Health Analysis.

We provide online services to help you make the changes you want, improve your understanding of food and its impact within your everyday life, health and performance. All consultations are Individual tailored to meet your unique needs.

​Initial consultation involves gathering information on your medical history, blood test results, lifestyle and diet, to allow us to understand all aspects of your life. We will discuss your health and nutrition goals and how we can support you in achieving these and establish strategies and develop an individual plan that is practical and works for you to achieve your goals.

Follow up consultations are designed to empower you on your health and nutrition journey. We provide ongoing support, accountability, education and guidance to assist you overcoming challenges and achieving your goals.



Our #protectedriderprogram is designed to give you the full factory supported rider experience.

By subscription your bike (or bikes) will be attended to on a fortnightly basis to ensure that it’s always ready for the weekend. You can choose from different levels of support based on your needs but regardless you won’t have to worry about a thing and additional services and support can be added at discounted rates. You’ll also enjoy discounted kit, parts and partner offers.

We’re looking to trial this Program with a limited amount of riders to begin with so please inquire

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights


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Sports, Exercise and Wellbeing Physiologist/PT/Sports Massage Therapist.

Pip has worked a a health and wellbeing physiologist specialising in nutritional and exercise support  for improved health for the last 5 years. With experience in helping clients achieve, weight loss, body transformations, behavior change and improved health focusing on lifestyle chances to improve blood results and reduce risk of lifestyle diseases. Having completed successfully upto national level in road and time trialing she also has a deep understanding of nutrition and exercise strategies to help improve performance for all athletes. 


BSC Hon Sport Science Loughborough uni 

Level 7 Diploma in Health and Exercise Physiology  

Level 3 Diploma in sports massage and injury therapy 



Sports and Exercise Scientist/Cycle Coach

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