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World class support for small scale escapes – Whether you’re racing, have a multi-day ride that needs organizing or you just want a day out riding somewhere new we can support you on your very own #aeightescape



Whether you’re new to racing or even if you’re a seasoned pro, everyone could do with a little support from time to time. 

We provide tailored packages for any level of racing, which are based upon the support that our sponsored Cøllective enjoy. We can provide anything from simply being there with spare wheels, right through to a year’s worth of preparation leading up to your A-race.

Typically, as an example, we provide a training plan which includes multi discipline workouts, dietary planning and massage. Nearer race-day we’ll coach you through what to expect and focus on speedwork. On race day we’ll coach you through practice, warm-up, support you on the line and be there ready in the pits with wheels and bottles. We’ll even take a few photos and go through a post race analysis with you! But, the support can be as much or as little as you like – just let us know and we’ll do the rest.


Our multi-day supported rides are 100% tailored to you and are deliberately aimed at small groups who know roughly what they’re after.

We basically make it happen so that you can focus on riding with your mates and explore somewhere new.

Typically, as an example, we provide support for small groups wanting to achieve a place-to-place ride. We base this around a pace that suits you over terrain which is challenging, yet achievable. We plan the route with you and provide a guide – we organize all logistics from departure to return and make sure that you’re supported with spares and food along the way. Trips can be as ambitious as you like – we’ve got experience of places as far away as Asia and Australia, we cover all the classics like London-Paris and LEJoG, but we’ve also got a strong love of Kent and #sweetsussex

Jumping Mountain Biker


Whether you’re new to racing or even if you’re a seasoned pro, everyone could do with a little support from time to time.

When you just need to turn off from technology and get back in to the real world. We help you prep your bike and body for proper adventure at whatever speed suits you.  Be it an overnight trip within Sussex or an off-road multi-day escape to anywhere in the world, we help with all stages of trip and kit planning. We’ll then guide you and support you during your ride making sure you experience the real honest nature of bike-packing.




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