Our wheelsets are truly fully handbuilt in #sweetsussex and specifically selected for the individual rider, purpose and matched to their bike. Not to be confused with other brands who produce phony machine-built wheels, we build lightweight, strong racing wheels by hand for road, mountain-bike, gravel, ‘cross and TT. We also build heavy-duty wheels for stronger riders, adventure racing, touring, trans-continental, trails and enduro. We only use the finest components from trusted brands, so for a true handmade pair of wheels

Having built so many bespoke wheelsets for various clients and uses over the years we have settled upon our favorite mix of weight, strength and ride characteristics, which we now offer as an example of what we’re all about. Whether its road, gravel or XC we produce the following wheelsets based upon equipment which we normally keep in stock;



Training wheelset with options for road, gravel and MTB

The Primo wheelset is designed as our All-Round / Winter training wheel whatever discipline you ride and whether you run discs or not. It features DT Swiss sleeved rims that are both lightweight and tubeless ready. We use double butted spokes to keep the weight and cost low but the strength high. We build these with a choice of Hope RS4/Pro4 (nice and noisy with a choice of colours) or DT Swiss 350 (quiet) hubs. These are built with 32 spokes in a 3x pattern – strong, light and reliable.



Strong Training wheelset with options for road, gravel and MTB

The same great DT rims as the PRIMO, our DELUX wheels are built with bladed spokes which makes them lighter and stronger. Road, 'Cross, Adventure and Montain bike versions all available with either DTSwiss 350 hubs or any colour of Hope hub.  perfect for a ver strong wheel which won't break the bank.



Summer/Sunday wheel with options for road, gravel and XC

The Supreme wheelset is our Summer/Sunday wheel with options for road, gravel and XC. Prices and spec is the same whether you run discs or not. DT Swiss PHR style welded rims are the best quality alloy rims available. Laced with bladed spokes which are both lighter and stronger are again the best available. Hope Pro4/RS4 Hubs are again tried and tested favorites and are available in most colours. 32 spokes laced 3x build the best wheels, but other patterns are available by request.

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Mechanics ,frame building and wheel building course the ÆIGHTBIKE way.

We offer almost all of our #aeighttech services and many of our #aeightmanufactory builds as tutored sessions, so you can learn to build your bike, build a set of wheels or even just learn to adjust your gears, bleed your brakes or wash your bike like a pro. If you’ve successfully built a frame on one of Geoff Roberts Frames Frame-building courses then we can show you the next step - We offer a full bespoke custom build process which includes an initial consultation, precision building, bike sizing and a follow-up check to get your bike perfectly dialed in. Whatever you would like to learn, we can teach you so please inquire.



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