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So you’re thinking of upgrading your bike…Have you thought about a frame swap or a custom build and what’s included?..

Image.000.  The first thing we do is look at the appropriate bike for you – In the case of Boardman Elite we decide whether you’d be best on the Super Light Climbing bike, the Aero-dynamic Road bike or the clock-breaking Time Trial bike. We take into account measurements from your existing bike and then get you to test ride one of our demo fleet so that the frame size is perfect.

Image.001. Whilst taking all the important measurements we strip down your old bike. This is the step that dictates what level of Frame swap you need – With clean components and a new chain and cassette you’ll need a level two frame swap, but if everything needs servicing then it’ll be a level three. We’re also happy to do frame builds with all new parts and therefore the labour is less – this is what we call our level one frame swap.

Image.002. All the new/clean components are collected and checked ahead of building the bike. We’re pleased to get hold of any new components that you’d like, otherwise you can supply your own. Certain things like a new chain, cassette, cables and grip tape are essential. Other parts like a new saddle and tyres are advised as this will greatly improve how your new bike looks!

Image.003. The new frame gets prepped and the fork is “dry fitted”. The bar and stem are fitted in an approximate position before final adjustment at the end.

Image.004. The controls are fitted along with the new cables. Then the BB, cranks and pedals go on. We can advise upon what crank length and rings are right for you before we order all the bits.

Image.005. The new chain and cassette is fitted – This is essential to insure perfect shifting. Even so the frame swap qualifies you for a free of charge check over after a week or two to just ensure that any cable stretch or chain stretch issues can be ironed out. We really see the frame swap as the start of a journey between us and the customer and we’re always happy to discuss ways of getting the best from your bike through improvements in set-up and componentry.

Image.006. The front and rear mechs are fitted and set up from scratch.

Image.007. Likewise front and rear brakes are fitted and set up from scratch with new pads if necessary.

Image.008. Bar tape and saddle are the finishing touches and the bike is now ready to be set up for the rider.

Image.009. Every frame swap or bike build is treated as a custom process and so using the Retul 3D motion capture fitting rig we can make infinite adjustments to your new bike to suit you.

Image.010. With the fit complete we make all the necessary adjustments and cut the steerer tube of the fork to suit you.

Image.011. The bike then receives its final inspection. We check all the bolts are set to the correct torque and that everything works as intended. The bike will only ever leave us in perfect showroom condition.

Image.012. And your new bike is ready for its first race or ride… the rest is up to you!

A Frame swap or Custom Bike Build costs £99 with all new parts from Tribeca Sport. The level Two frame swap is £138 and if we need to service your existing components the level three frame swap is £183. For most people the level two swap should be fine. If in any doubt just contact us in the shop, via our email or on the telephone – 01892 533 339.

Frame swaps, Bike builds, Race tuning, Wheel building, General Servicing and much more can all be booked in free of charge here or pop in to the shop and talk to any of our staff members. Alternatively or if you’d like more information you can email and we’ll get back to you. We service road, time trial, cross and even mountain bikes so whatever your needs are you can be sure that we have them catered for with our fully certified mechanic. 




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