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A decade on from my first race I shall, in 2014, be racing for an all new team. It’ll be my first season in the “Master” category and I’ll be riding for KTM MTB Racing. Full factory support is something special – I’ve been lucky enough to race for various sponsors over the years, but there’s something about KTM that is a little unique.


KTM MTB Racing is new mountain bike racing team for 2014, supported by Fli Distribution and KTM Bike Industries. We have confirmed sponsorship from Continental Tyres, Torq Fitness and Four4th Lights. The team has been set up by Garry Hurst and Alex Tompsett, both of whom were riding in the “Sport” category for KTM Bike Industries in 2013. With the brand stepping up both their road and mountain bike teams the pair were asked to oversee the mountain bike side of things.

I’ll be racing (amongst other races) in the Masters National Points Series, the Masters Southern XC Series, the Enduro National Champs and a host of six, twelve and twenty-four hour races. I’ll provide my own race prep and training programs via THE.ÆIGHT.BICYCLE.CØMPANY, and work closely with the team developing the bikes and the team itself. We’ll also be racing a few of the Summer Endurance races as a team.

Photo by Mike Whittington. Header Image by Pip Jenkins.

Glen races a KTM Myroon Elite 29 hardtail in the UK National Points Series and the Southern XC Series and uses the KTM Scarp Master 29 for Enduro races. He receives personal sponsorship from Helly Hansen, THE.ÆIGHT.BICYCLE.CØMPANY and Tribeca Sport. The KTM team is sponsored by Continental Tyres, Torq Fitness and Four4th Lights.

Glen runs THE.TRIBECA.SPORT.WØRKSHOP  which is based at 28 London Road, Southborough, TN4 0QB – 01892 533 339 – . The shop specialises in precision servicing, race prepping, 3D Bike Science bike fitting and high quality bikes and equipment. Drop in, give us a call, visit our Facebook page or browse our website for more details.

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