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​ We were born in Sussex in 2008, when we realized our racing had got to a level where we needed support - a small group of us were racing the same races for different sponsors and we saw that if we supported each other, a bit like a traditional team would, we could race and train with more success but we still needed to keep the sponsors happy.

By creating the ÆIGHT BIKE CØLLECTIVE we were able to remain racing for the sponsors and clubs that helped us, and add in the support role that we were missing. This has evolved over the years but the heart and soul of #aeightbikeco remains the same.

We added in the ÆIGHTMANUFACTØRY name when we started building bespoke bikes, featuring either custom sprayed carbon frames or hand-built one-off lightweight steel frames that the ÆIGHTCØLLECTIVE riders help test by using them for riding, training and racing. This then naturally led us to focus on taking those frames and bikes, along with their riders, to explore the places that we love – a day out in own Sweet Sussex, an overnight trip to a race, a long weekend in Europe or somewhere further afield on a fully supported long distance ride that we call, ÆIGHTESCAPE.

We recognized on those adventures that mechanical bike support was important too – ÆIGHTTECH became the moniker for anything that required mechanical or technical support and as this grew we realized that some riders wanted the consistency and quality of mechanical support that they enjoyed on a trip, when they were back home and preparing for the next adventure or race. Frustrated at the limitations of a traditional bike shop we built our own Service Corse to support not just our racers, but also all our favorite local riders – our racers feature on the website and help us promote what we do, but we are now pleased to include a selection of our best friends, supporters and clients in the #aeightbikeco family.

We’re even trusted to work with Pro teams where we gain experience that benefits everyone that we

support. Those local riders and international racers, safe in the knowledge that we were supporting them whilst at home and away, started looking at how to prepare their own bodies for riding and racing so we started ÆIGHTCONDITIONING to help them in the offseason. Now we have more strength in depth we were able to call upon our own racers to provide this extra support to the whole collective. All our riders also have access to what we call ÆIGHTEXPERIENCE – another unique string to our bow, where riders can enjoy any service we offer as a 1-to-1 experience. We can teach you how to service your bike, how to plan a trip or build a set of wheels amongst pretty much anything else you can think of!

Speaking of wheels, ÆIGHTWHEELWORKS produces the finest bespoke wheels in Sweet Sussex. Like our steel frames these are truly, handmade one-off’s designed with a rider and use in mind, using the best components. For road, touring, gravel or cross-country we truly believe we now have all angles covered whether your riding or racing, so whatever you need keep in touch by exploring our website or emailing us on – all of these things are “The ÆIGHT Bike Company”.



In early Anglo-Saxon and Norse mythology the Æsir were the highest level of the gods and enjoyed all of the benefits and support that this brought. As people moved back and forth words evolved and from the word Æsir we derive the word “ace”, or Æsca in
Old-English (OE). We’re based on the edge of Ashdown which would have been Æsca-dūn in OE – it’s a special place that we always look forward to returning to, no matter how much we enjoy racing
and riding all over the world. When Glen was racing, the number 8 was the number on his board when he raced his first Elite race, later in that year (2008) he won his first race with the support of the
very first version of the CØLLECTIVE – he also realized afterwards that his number for that race was 260, which if you add the digits together gives you the number 8.

ÆIGHT is our way of encompassing all of these things that are important to us.

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#aeightwheelworks #aeightexperience

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