83.024 – Giant Killing

Sometimes it’s not about who you beat, it’s how you beat them. Stanmer Park in Brighton was the arena that we did battle in for round eight of the London League! I listened out for my name as all the fast riders were called up to the grid, but once three rows were full I’d either missed my shout or it hadn’t been called. So stuck way back in the pack was where I found myself. I shook my team-mate’s hand and put my race face on. First objective would be the race through the pa

11.019 – Time to get Cross

Cross. Maximum heart rate, basic rigid framed road bike, partly off road, partly hard pack gravel, throw in a load mud, some knobbly tyres, cantilever brakes and lots of mud and chill for one hour. You’re probably thinking that it sounds awful – you’re right. What happened to the Summer? It feels like a month ago when I had fifteen odd races booked up and a fresh pair of legs. We’ve had our fair share of British weather and lady luck has shown her face once or twice, but it’s

11.018r – Race Day

It’s the third time that Bedgebury has hosted Insomnia – A twelve hour night time endurance race which starts at 8pm on Saturday and ends at 8am on Sunday after as many brutal laps as you can manage. The race is run “Le Mans” style, so the most laps ultimately win the race, but if you’ve tied on laps the order is decided by the quicker time (so if rider A does 13 laps in 12 hours and 7 minutes, but rider B does 13 laps in 11 hours and 55 minutes, rider B will be the winner).