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In Sussex our roads are narrow, steep and punchy - so our H M Ŕ is the perfect blend of fast handling geometry, light weight and strength to get you to the finishline. Full internal cable/hose routing, disc brakes and bolt-thru axles are standard (but external cables and rim brakes are available as options upon request). Fillet brazed lugless construction, with superlight tubing, and our signature VÅLKNUT rear end - perfect for training, racing and exploring Anglo Saxon Roads and long solo breakaways!



H M Ŕ . P R I M Ø

PRIMØ is the starting point, but this is no "base model" - we set out to produce a bike which we would be happy to own and ride ourselves and so this bike is the real deal - the finished article, perfect for a rider that just wants solid, reliable, well thought out kit.

With that in mind the HMŔ PRIMØ features a fully bespoke steel frame just like the rest of the HMŔ family, ÆIGHT PRIMØ Handbuilt HWEÓLS (or Hope Hoops), a choice of tyre based on your needs, a Shimano Ultimate Mechanical 12 Speed Drivetrain (with an option to upgrade to Di2), Shimano Ultegra Brakes and a Pro Finishing kit. 

Our "standard" paint for the HMŔ is a subtle single colour with your choice of contrast panel or logo, but as always there is an option to upgrade to just about any paint you can think of!


H M Ŕ . D Ë L U X

Our DËLUX version is your gateway to racing - it has the same intention and mindset as our top flight bikes and focuses on function. If you're dipping your toe into road or crit racing or you're after a bike which is always ready, this is the build for you.

Therefore the HMŔ DËLUX features our fully bespoke lightweight steel frame just like all of our HMŔ family, ÆIGHT DËLUX Handbuilt HWEÓLS, a choice of tyre based on your needs, a SRAM Force AXS 12 Speed Drivetrain and a Ritchey Finishing kit. 

Paint for the HMŔ can be anything from a simple fade with a contrasting logo (included in the frame price), all the way through to just about anything you can think of (as an option)! How will you paint yours?


H M Ŕ . S U P R E M É

The SUPREMÉ version of the HMŔ is the connoisseur's choice. Ready to race absolutely anywhere, from your local lap all the way through to an international race - it's all fair game. 

Our HMŔ SUPREMÉ features the same fully bespoke, handmade, fillet brazed steel frame as the rest of the HMŔ family, ÆIGHT SUPREMÉ Handbuilt HWEÓLS, a choice of tyres based on your racing, a Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 Drivetrain and a Hope/Pro Finishing kit. It's possible to upgrade certain bearings to ceramic. Wheel decals can be upgraded to match the frame as an option.

Standard paint for the HMŔ is a usually quite subtle with your choice of contrast logo or panel, but as always there is an option to upgrade to just about any paint you can think of - The HMŔ SUPREMÉ deserves something a little special to set it apart from the crowd...


H M Ŕ . U L T I M Ä T E

Our ULTIMÄTE build is the ultimate indulgence. The absolutely uncompromising racing machine. With no restrictions, the ULTIMÄTE will destroy KOMs for fun...

The ULTIMÄTE is built using the HMŔ fully bespoke lightweight steel frame, ÆIGHT ULTIMÄTE Handbuilt Carbon HWEÓLS, a choice of tyres based on your needs, a SRAM Red AXS 12 Speed Wireless Drivetrain, optional Hope Calipers and a Hope/Deda Finishing kit. All bearings are upgraded to Ceramic bearings where appropriate. Custom race decals are available for wheels and groupset parts. 

When it comes to paint, with the ULTIMÄTE, options are limitless. If you can dream, it we'll find a way to make it a reality. Ideas and inspiration can come from any walk of life, not just bikes, and you'll work with us to design a truly one-off piece of art!

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