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Two years ago we started Tribeca Sport, determined to be different, to be better and to offer something which isn’t available elsewhere. With very little space and next to no budget we built the business up initially with just Adrian and myself, and then in the last year with Matt. I can honestly say that working with Adrian and Matt, but also just as importantly with all of our customers and clients has been the most fun and rewarding job I’ve ever had. After previously being in the industry for ten years I know only too well how most shops run, disregarding the welfare of their customers and staff alike, but we’ve always worked hard to make Tribeca Sport a forward thinking, comfortable and professional environment. It’s amazing what you can achieve with so little!


I’ve spent a great deal of time considering my future and what I can do that is best for me, but also what would be best for all of my customers, clients and friends. From a purely personal perspective I feel that I’ve achieved a lot over the last two years and have recently been looking for a way to offer more.


It is for this reason that I have decided to work on a new project in Tunbridge Wells, with big dreams. It will be ambitious, original and will look to serve you all in a fresh, informal, comfortable and professional way. I’m not arrogant enough to expect everyone to come flocking in on day one, but you can rest assured that I personally will always make time for each and every one of you. Of course I’ve always valued your custom, but more than that I value your friendship.


I’m unsure what path Tribeca Sport shall take from here, but I’m very grateful to everyone who’s been involved at any point, for their time, effort, patience and strength – In particular my mates, Matt and Adrian. I guess all good things really do have to come to an end, but I’m very much looking forward to the project ahead of me and can’t wait to see you all for coffee or a beer at some point.

See you on the road or trail soon amigos.

Glen Whittington,



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