12.008 – Suffering, The Yellow Jacket of Authority and the Measurement of Epic Rides

Rides shall be measured not by overall distance, but by the amount of suffering, e.g. “we were off the front, in the rain for 90 miles”. The 10 miles that you spent in the bunch should never be mentioned, as hiding in the bunch is weak and is frowned upon. After the driest ‘cross season imaginable it’s been nice to have a bit of real weather recently. It also coincides beautifully with the start of the road racing season and the peak cross country training season. Now is the

11.018r – Race Day

It’s the third time that Bedgebury has hosted Insomnia – A twelve hour night time endurance race which starts at 8pm on Saturday and ends at 8am on Sunday after as many brutal laps as you can manage. The race is run “Le Mans” style, so the most laps ultimately win the race, but if you’ve tied on laps the order is decided by the quicker time (so if rider A does 13 laps in 12 hours and 7 minutes, but rider B does 13 laps in 11 hours and 55 minutes, rider B will be the winner).