THE.SUSSEX.WORLD.CHAMPIØNSHIPS Coming soøn… Glen runs THE.TRIBECA.SPORT.WØRKSHOP  which is based at 28 London Road, Southborough, TN4 0QB – 01892 533 339 – glen@tribecasport.co.uk . The shop specialises in precision servicing, race prepping, 3D bike fitting and high quality bikes and equipment. Drop in, give us a call, visit our Facebook page or browse our website for more details. He also runs the shop race team and club as well as racing ‘cross, road and cross-country natio

CX Round.Eight.Marden (Postponed) – Out of my depth at Southampton

With three weeks to go until Round 8 at Marden, I’d enjoyed a week off training and was ready to get back on track. When I found out that Marden had been postponed I scanned the BC calendar for other races – Do I dare enter my first National Trophy? Seemed like a good idea at the time! With two weeks to go I ramped up the training and everything was looking good. I’d got rid of a case of the man-flu and I was actually enjoying the early morning hour long loops of my local bri

11.020 – If you can’t stand the Heat

Meting up with friends on a Sunday night often means that sooner or later I’m asked how I’d faired in the race I’ve done earlier that day. I do my best to explain what racing in the scorching heat for an hour at full pace with no water feels like, but I always find it difficult to tell the story to my non-racing friends. There are always subtle intricacies that are impossible to explain. This week they looked at me trying to take it all in, before one asked, “Do you ever wake

11.019 – Time to get Cross

Cross. Maximum heart rate, basic rigid framed road bike, partly off road, partly hard pack gravel, throw in a load mud, some knobbly tyres, cantilever brakes and lots of mud and chill for one hour. You’re probably thinking that it sounds awful – you’re right. What happened to the Summer? It feels like a month ago when I had fifteen odd races booked up and a fresh pair of legs. We’ve had our fair share of British weather and lady luck has shown her face once or twice, but it’s