“See you by the bridge”, was the last thing I heard, before blotting out my surroundings, putting my head down and pedalling as fast as I could… Everyone who races a bike will remember that milestone, the point in time when they made a conscious decision to go faster, be stronger or push that bit harder. It may not have been a scheduled race but everyone involved was well aware of what was at stake. In fact it’s possibly the passion that we each found in that “race”, which we

CX Round.Eight.Marden (Postponed) – Out of my depth at Southampton

With three weeks to go until Round 8 at Marden, I’d enjoyed a week off training and was ready to get back on track. When I found out that Marden had been postponed I scanned the BC calendar for other races – Do I dare enter my first National Trophy? Seemed like a good idea at the time! With two weeks to go I ramped up the training and everything was looking good. I’d got rid of a case of the man-flu and I was actually enjoying the early morning hour long loops of my local bri

11.025 – Onwards and Upwards

I haven’t kept count of all the hours and miles done in the dark over the years, but it’s safe to say that there have been lots. However it doesn’t seem to matter how many times you train in the same place, on the same lap and through the same sections – there will always be things to trick you and lessons waiting to be learnt. The dark can concentrate you – when you’re focusing on a single beam of light there is only one way forward, but it can also allow your mind to wander

83.024 – Giant Killing

Sometimes it’s not about who you beat, it’s how you beat them. Stanmer Park in Brighton was the arena that we did battle in for round eight of the London League! I listened out for my name as all the fast riders were called up to the grid, but once three rows were full I’d either missed my shout or it hadn’t been called. So stuck way back in the pack was where I found myself. I shook my team-mate’s hand and put my race face on. First objective would be the race through the pa