onesevensix – road bike TT

For the first club TT of the season I’m sticking to the road bike… All last year I raced TT’s on my road bike – I’ve still not got round to building up a proper TT bike so it was time to stick some big rings back on the Scott Addict for a blast round the Ladies Mile club TT course. To be honest it’s probably a pretty good shout round here anyways and the first proper TT of the season is always a bit of a lottery – some people can’t make it, some haven’t found form yet and som

83.024 – Giant Killing

Sometimes it’s not about who you beat, it’s how you beat them. Stanmer Park in Brighton was the arena that we did battle in for round eight of the London League! I listened out for my name as all the fast riders were called up to the grid, but once three rows were full I’d either missed my shout or it hadn’t been called. So stuck way back in the pack was where I found myself. I shook my team-mate’s hand and put my race face on. First objective would be the race through the pa