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We have four levels of servicing that have been carefully thought out to keep your bikes in perfect working order and ready for their next race. Alongside this we offer an in depth menu of individual servicing work which can be added to the services or simply carried out as one off jobs. And on top of all of these options we also offer many of the services through our one-to-one E X P E R I E N C É program.



P R I M Ø . S E Ŕ V I C E / C O N T R Ø L

When we're away racing with the Pro Teams, in between stages, we wash and dry the bikes, we asses them for damage, inspect them for wear, check that all systems are adjusted and functioning correctly, and then give all the bolts a torque check.

Small jobs like replacing a tyre or re-waxing a chain can be added to this service and it's perfect as a pre-race checkover. Typically this service will take anywhere between 1-2 hours.


D Ë L U X . S E Ŕ V I C E

This is the perfect service if you have that one particular thing that's driving you crazy - that creak in the BB, slipping gears or spongy brakes, etc. Typically this service take between two and three hours and also includes everything from our Control Service.

We'll start with a test ride to diagnose what the issues are and after a bike wash we can dive into fixing them. The bike then gets the same inspection, checks and adjustment to ensure it's ready for action.


S U P R E M É . S E Ŕ V I C E /
T H É . W O R K S

Our "Intermediate Service", recommended once or twice during a race season. If your racking up the miles on gravel, putting laps on the XC bike or smashing up crits, and you need a mid season tune up this service has enough time to cover everything.

All the major parts of the bike are removed, cleaned, inspected and set-up from scratch. We then address any issues that we found in the test ride, before re-greasing all the bearings, replacing any worn out parts, truing the wheels, going through the whole Control Service Process, and then a final test ride to ensure your bike is ready.

Most shops call this the Gold or Annual Service, in fact I came up with the name "The Works" at a workshop I used to run where this service represented the best we could manage, but we're not burdened by the same time constraints as your LBS so, pleasingly, we can now afford to give your bike the 4-5 hours of concentration it truly deserves. 


U L T I M Ä T E . S E Ŕ V I C E /
F U L L , S T R I P  &  R E B U I L D

Our ULTIMÄTE Service is ultimate Pre-Season/End-of-Season indulgence. It is an absolutely uncompromising full day in the stand where no stone is left unturned! We can include virtually an request.

Natrually it includes everything we'd offer in our Supreme Service, but also we take care of all those things you wish they'd done at the factory - all the tiny marginal gains which add up to make your bike riding experience that bit more perfect or allow you to improve your race results. 

When it comes to upgrades, options are simply limitless. If you can dream it, we'll find a way to make it a reality. We can find pretty much any rare component which is hidden away on the internet so if standard isn't for you that's no problem for us. And rest assured, that all those little Pro Team hacks that we've learnt along the way, will be employed on your race weapon, to sharpen it for the next battle!

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